Janna offers somatic therapy and Core Energetics sessions for adults in person in New York City and remotely by video across the world.

Janna sees clients for many reasons including burnout, anxiety, depression, trauma, physical pain and illness, loss and bereavement, and explorations of gender identity and sexuality. Janna also specializes in ecological grief, working with people grappling with the future of life on earth and the impact that changes to the global ecosystem are having on the personal level, seeing as the personal is also the collective.

Sliding scale rates are available for greater accessibility and varying income levels. Insurance is not accepted.

Reach out to schedule a complimentary consultation. 


Janna is always evolving a collaborative group work called Alive in These Times, which invites us to open our hearts to a culture and planet in peril with even more love and presence. It is an energetic, embodied, and spiritual endeavor to humbly turn toward what wants to move through us in exchange for being alive now. Together we create inner space for the radically unknown.

Janna is also a facilitator of Joanna Macy’s the Work That Reconnects.

Information about group work can be found on the events page. If you are part of an existing group, reach out about partnering and bringing this much needed work to you.


Janna offers consulting services particularly to faith-based organizations seeking cultural transformation around the climate crisis. We’ll work together to develop a strategy that sheds barriers to active and honest participation in the conversations at hand. Reach out to connect.