Janna offers Core Energetics body-oriented therapy sessions for adults in New York City and remotely across the globe.

Janna sees clients for many reasons including burnout, anxiety, depression, trauma, physical pain and illness, loss and bereavement, explorations of gender identity, and sexuality, Janna also specializes in ecological grief and working with people grappling with the future of life on earth.

Sliding scale rates are available for greater accessibility and varying income levels. Insurance is not accepted.

Reach out to schedule a complimentary 30 minute consultation. 

I started working with Janna after developing a life-altering physical disability. Working with her opened necessary space for me to attend to the strangeness, frustration, and delight of an embodied grieving process. A year out, the work we did continues to help me find integrity and dignity in understanding and communicating my needs. Janna is serious about her craft and her practice is deeply humanizing.
— S.L., environmental scientist and community organizer


Janna is developing a collaborative group work called Alive in These Times, which invites us to open our hearts to a culture and planet in peril with even more love and presence. It is an energetic, embodied, and spiritual endeavor to humbly turn toward what wants to move through us in exchange for being alive now. Together we create inner space for the radically unknown.

Information about group work can be found on the events page. If you are part of an existing group, reach out about partnering to bring this work to you.

Janna creates and holds sacred space wherever she goes, whether it’s in a one-on-one session or leading a large group. She has a gift for being fully present and giving her whole heart, mind, and spirit to those who are lucky enough to work with her. It is rare to find someone who is both so perceptive and so loving, who can see and welcome the parts of ourselves we often feel we have to hide. I feel safe being vulnerable with Janna, and I trust myself in her kind and capable hands.
— M.C., activist, teacher, organic farmer


If you are an organization looking to integrate embodiment and climate consciousness into strategy and operations (while taking giant steps towards transforming the work culture and becoming a leader in the field at the same time), reach out to learn more.

Janna has had an enormous impact on my life—she has been a guide, witness, advocate, inspiration, companion and healer through months of unpredictable transition. Her intuition is magical and her resourcefulness impressive. I didn’t know how somatic work would translate through video calls, but Janna is just as effective when I’m across the country as when I’m, in her office. She’s got serious gifts! With Janna’s wisdom and unique combination of fierce, loving, gentle, radically present support, I’ve been able to excavate and transform some of my oldest, most limiting wounds. She has helped me root into my most authentic truths, and find the bravery to move through my traumas into my dreams.
— N.B., cultural activist & facilitator