How do we respond to the crisis of our time?

Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced.
— James Baldwin

The ever-growing, ever-present threat of climate change presents a unique opportunity to peel back layers of the masked self. To notice our resistance to life. The ways we grasp on for control.

We are being challenged to see and surrender old patterns in order to face the complexities at hand. To meet and heal trauma so that we can show up more fully with authentic presence. To learn that we are inseparable from one another and all that surrounds us. That our actions, large and small, matter.  

We can taste how much our individual healing and transformation is critical to collective efforts. To survival. To dying well.

How do we feel our way through personal and cultural limitations and toward a deeper connection with all life? One pathway is to gently open ourselves to a wider range of emotional experiences that can offer a key to reclaiming our human selves. We feel more, not less. We shed our veils on the road towards collective liberation. We return to love. We invite in what we are most afraid to feel, and in the process discover what wisdom and strength it can bring. We may even emerge more resilient for whatever arises.

Something truly valuable is discoverable in the chaos and confusion. Let’s open to asking the questions.

No one should ever have to be in this alone. Support is available, reach out to schedule a consultation.